A Dark Devotion

Grace Dearden is an extraordinary woman; beautiful, virtuous and with no enemies. But Grace has been missing for over a week. She has simply disappeared into the lonely Norfolk marshes in the black depths of winter.

With police investigations stalled, old family friend and criminal lawyer, Alexandra O'Neill returns to the haunting landscape of her childhood. And immediately she begins to uncover disturbing new clues to a family's tragic secret. . .

Can any wife be so perfect that she doesn't have secrets? And can a devoted husband have failed to see the truth?


'A Dark Devotion is a treat ... a crime novel with action to keep you guessing until the very end'
- Daily Mail

'At once we are in Ruth Rendell territory: an eerie setting, a web of adultery, deceit, near-murderous envy and cordial detestation ...a kind of East Anglian Rebecca'
- Daily Telegraph

'This intelligent and compelling novel has a real feeling for dialogue and relationships, set against a fascinating tension between city and country life. Francis teases out motivations with the lightest of touches.'
- The Express on Sunday

A Dark Devotion
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